Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sh!t..I painted your gender roles

There just isn't enough time in a day for blogging anymore.  Mostly because I work, but also partially because I'm trying to sleep enough hours a day so that I can function.  I know it's selfish of me...  But today I was reading my fav blog The Bloggess, and it made me yearn to write something whitty...or is it witty.  (Probably the second one.  The first one made me think of that episode of Family Guy where Stewie accentuates the silent 'h' in words like whip.  Hilarious.) 
A wise person once said that good humor comes from pain.  I don't have a whole lot of funny stuff happening in my life these days, because I'm happier so things don't need to be made humorous for me to cope with them anymore. 

So mostly I'm just focusing on teaching my kids to cuss properly, which is working out GREAT.  Just last night my son properly used the word "shit" in a sentence when he said to his sister.  "Don't pour out all those toys, cuz I don't wanna have to clean that shit up."  Such a proud day.  Mother of the year award nominee here.

Oh, and another proud moment (actually I was really proud of this) I had this week was when his dad's girlfriend was painting his sisters nails, and he wanted his toes painted.  She told him "no boys don't paint their toes. Only girls."  (This isn't the first time that's happened so I taught him to say "stop trying to define my gender roles.")   So Monday night he comes in and says "mommy can you paint my toes for me. Manda wouldn't do it."  I said "did you tell her to stop defining your gender roles?"  He said "yes, but she still wouldn't!"  So I grinned widely and painted them myself.  Muhahahaha...