Sunday, June 7, 2009

My last shred of sanity...

On Friday, I was about to check myself into the Loony bin! My children are driving me to the edge. As I've said before, in the past I would get so wound up that I felt I was always yelling at my son. Part of that was being pregnant and having a toddler, but I was also focusing on the negative. Well, since my baby girl arrived I have made a huge effort to find the humor in situations instead of getting uptight. This rule, however, has exceptions for days where my son literally does the opposite of everything I say, gets into things he knows aren't allowed, and uses his sippy cup of chocolate milk as a crop duster on my carpet. The rule also doesn't apply to days where all those things happen, and my daughter decides to cry at the drop of a hat and wake me up for good at 5am. All these things compounded have me feeling so frazzled that I would be willing to set my children on the curb with a $50 tucked in each of their pockets and a FREE sign. I might do it just for 5 min of quiet and then go bring them inside (you think they would still be there? Probably, if they were still crying.) This dramatic incident, which I like to call TI PMS (Toddler/Infant Pissy Me Syndrome) lasted for 3 days this last week. (Actually, I'm not sure it's over. *crosses fingers it is*) It resulted in a headache so bad that I wanted to decapitate myself just to get some relief. I hate the sight of blood though. So I just took one of my leftover post partum pain pills. It was that bad people...a near migraine from tension. Don't go running off and telling people that I'm a pill popper was just one. It didn't even make it go away totally, but it did a lot to dull it. Enough so, that when I put my son in his room for an extended time out I was able to tidy up the whole house! By the way, it's amazing what taking one person out of the situation will do. That time out, allowed my daughter to sleep, which seems to be her main problem. I cleaned the house, which was adding to my stress. And my son was so glad to be released from his room that he behaved pretty darn good for the rest of the evening.
I really hope this whole TI PMS thing is over though. I don't know how many days in a row I can handle this attitude.


Kim said...

I've selected your blog to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award. See my blog for details.


Anna said...

Holy Cow! That sounds so flattering...I'm heading over there to look! Thank you!