Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm so tir...Zzzz

Today was kind of craptastic. I've had worst days as a mother, but if there is a grey area between great days and the worst days of your life...this is in the grey area closer to the worst side.

First of all, my daughter is having some issue. She's got a little temperature, and a runny nose and will NOT sleep. It's either teething or another cold. I'm hoping it's teething, because this cold business is just about to send me over the edge. Really?! Another cold?! Really? Give me a break! So if baby isn't sleeping then of course neither is mommy. I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep total last night. Every time I'd get her quieted down, and I was just about to drift off into a deep sleep she would start wailing again. So basically I had an entire night of cat naps. Not good enough!

I was so tired when I got up this morning that anytime I closed my eyes I would nod off. I could be standing up, talking, reading, texting, Facebooking, name it...I fell asleep doing it today. Bad news, bears! It's pretty bad when you consider eating coffee grounds for the caffeine instead of just making coffee. I don't like plain coffee though, it's got to be coffee masquerading as cocoa for me to drink it. But I digress.

So anyway, even though I was tired, and Lillie was crying off and on all day, I had to go to the store today. We were out of milk and ice cream, which is an emergency in this house. (Plus, I have this handy new gadget on my iPhone that is a grocery list, and I had about 12 things on there. Sounds like a reasonable number of items to go to the store and get if you ask me.) So I pack my kids up and head in to Wal Mart. On Memorial Day.

So everyone was in vacation mode except me. To me it was just a normal day since my husband was working and I stay at home. Before I left home I tried to feed Lillie, and of course she wasn't hungry then. She was hungry about 3 minutes into shopping though, and proceeded to scream the entire shopping trip. The worst part about this is that EVERY person that walked by would look at her with this pity face and say "aww poor baby." Which is sweet of them, except it made me feel like the worst mom in the world. Like every person who said that was saying, "I'm sorry your mom is a horrible person and makes you go to Wal Mart when you don't feel good and are hungry you poor sweet little baby girl." Just what I need more guilt as a parent! Besides that, have you ever tried to shop while your kid is screaming? It makes you just want to throw random stuff in your cart and run for the register to get out of there! It's maddening to listen to and I can't concentrate on what I might need to make a meal. So now I'm going to have to go back another time and get more groceries to complete the shopping trip. This time I ONLY got things on my list. So finally we pay and get out of there and head for the car. We get there and guess what...there is a parking lot fender bender blocking my escape. BLAST IT ALL...FOILED AGAIN! (Just ignore my cheesy's the lack of sleep talking.) So I fed the baby in the car and by that time the police had come and made them move out of the way.

After I got home and unpacked the groceries and made lunch. My husband came home early, so that was one good thing that happened today. Then the baby went to sleep and Byron was watching his cartoons, so I decided to take a little nap. Except my son suddenly decided that he wanted to yell about things, or needed me for something. So again I only got in a couple little cat naps. Those are maddening...your body gets so ticked off at you for fooling it into thinking it might get to rest! So then I was cranky for the rest of the day. I feel bad for my family having to put up with me being snippy.

I hope I get to sleep more tonight! *crossing fingers*