Friday, October 2, 2009

Had a baaaad day and Mess of the Day

Ever have one of those days that things just keep going wrong all day? I had one of those today. I felt like I should just go back to bed and start over only you can't do that when you have 2 kids and a new puppy. (Oh ya, in case you didn't know we got a puppy...I know I'm crazy. She's really good though. So far no accidents in the 2 days we've had her.) Anyway, the day started out good, but turned bad in a hurry. I strode out of the bathroom after doing my make-up, ready to dress the kids and head off to play date when I noticed my son licking the floor. I get closer, and see a puddle of brown liquid on the floor and the Jumbo size Maple Syrup bottle next to it. My son poured Maple Syrup on my off white carpet that had just been professionally steam cleaned 2 weeks before. So after I went off of him for 5 minutes, and did the best I could to quickly clean it up with my Hoover Steam Cleaner I grabbed the kids and dressed them quickly to go to playgroup. I needed this time out to vent to other moms and distract myself as much as he did. He said he didn't want to go, so I like to think it was sort of a punishment. ;)
After playgroup we went to the store, and when we returned I tried to shut my garage door and it wouldn't shut. I had to call a service tech out. As I'm talking to the guy for that on the phone Byron decided to RoundUp the entire garage with my husbands sprayer. So I had to yell at him while I was on the phone. Embarrassing. Ended up fixable on the garage door, but it's life is short lived and will be needing a new one soon.
I go inside and notice a red spot on the carpet in the dining room. Get closer and discover it's freaking hot sauce. Do you know how hard it is to get hot sauce out? Almost as hard as engine grease (that was my husband's fault, and he nearly lost his life to a deranged wife that day.)
Finally, I decided to use a brightening product on my towels that said it was for whites AND colors, but it totally bleached them. ALL of my towels are now peach instead of beige.
Stick a fork in me....I'm done with this day!


The Smiths said...

wow! what a day...Your messes remind me of why I love hardwood floors..even if they are a pain to clean.
Hope tomorrow is easier

Anna said...

I want hardwood so bad. It would have taken 2 minutes to clean up instead of all day. LOL Plus we have bad allergies, so hardwood would be better.

Krissy said...

Whoa! That was quite a day. Hope tomorrow's better!

Grandma said...

Do you remember when I got the carpet cleaned and while the furniture was still out, John found a magic marker and drew a castle on the entire living room floor? A room something like 14 by 30... wool berber carpet - wall to wall castle!

Anna said...

Yes I remember vividly. Lol