Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dream Come True

I'm going to go ahead and be honest here and let everyone know that when I was married (technically I still am, but I consider myself mentally divorced already) I often "fantasized" about life as a single person again.  Not in a sexual way, so that I could go out and sleep with every guy that I could get my hands on, but in a simplified life kind of way.
For example I have a fairly good sized house, and I would often picture myself in a little house that was nice and cozy, but arranged just how I like things.  That should be coming true in the near future; provided we can sell this one.  I like my house, don't get me wrong, but like I said the word simple comes to mind.

I also imagined that if I didn't have a husband anymore then my house would stay clean more easily.  Now with two kids I'm sure you're all laughing at me right now, but ladies...it's TRUE.  I have less laundry, less dishes, and the bathroom stays clean much longer.   I don't have socks to pick up off the floor or toothpaste splatters to clean off the wall.  The pillows on the couch stay arranged how I like, and the dish washer gets loaded in an orderly fashion. Now how is it possible that a grown man can make such a mess?  I don't know.  It boggles the mind!  He grew up in a very clean house, and yet I still had to clean pee dribbles off the front of the toilet.  Ewww!

You also may not realize this, but men take up a LOT of free time.  Now that I'm not spending time on nurturing a relationship or sex there are more hours in the day for chick flicks (which I wasn't able to watch) and chocolate.  I can go to Jazzercise any time I want.  I can make whatever food I want for dinner, and there is no one to complain.  Not to mention there is actually leftovers to reheat the next day, so I only have to cook a few times a week instead of daily.  BONUS!

Now if you're happily married, and I do stress the word HAPPILY, please don't think I'm trying to encourage you to leave your husband just so you have more time to read your Twlight books. (Let's be honest...Edward and Jacob never disappoint you emotionally!) But, if you find yourself plodding through your marriage or day dreaming about a little loft apartment filled with Chick Lit and cheesecake...maybe you should let it go.  It's was scary in the beginning, but now I just want it over with so I can move along. :)


The Mayer's Blog said...

Oh Anna, you crack me up! I like your honesty! I am happy that you are happy and moving along. Sounds like maybe it was a long time in coming but most importantly you are getting to the place where you want to be. Now...lets just talk you into to moving to Ephrata!!! We are still working on that too:)