Thursday, June 4, 2009

Assembly Blitz

After dinner on Tuesday night we decided to put together all the furniture for Lillie's room. I think we may have underestimated the amount of time this would take. The crib was the easy part. It only took about 15 minutes to assemble, but the chest of drawers...holy cats. If you've never tried to put one together let me just go ahead and recommend that you buy one already assembled. Please. For the sake of your sanity. They are ridiculous! They have about a million pieces to spread out all over the floor.

Really I don't mind putting things together. I kind of like starting with a bunch of pieces and ending up with a whole thing, but my husband literally hates putting things together. This doesn't stop him from telling me what to do the whole time. He makes me read the directions, and then tells me that I'm reading them wrong. If I had been in a bad mood this could have been a tense situation, but instead I was chuckling at his grumpiness the whole time.

Putting the dresser together required several different screwdrivers, even though it said it only needed one. For some parts we were able to use a battery powered one, which is awesome. Except the battery ran low part way through (my son was playing with it for a while before he went to bed...that couldn't have worn the battery down at all.) So then I had to plug it in and we were waiting for it to charge so we could finish. I used this time to start assembling drawers. They didn't need the battery powered screwdriver. My husband used this time to lay down amid all the parts and pieces and complain about assembling things. I really wanted to take a picture of this, but he was only in his underwear and I didn't think that it would go over well if I posted that on the interwebs. So I had to put all 6 drawers together myself, and he only put the handles on! The easiest part!

When we finally got everything put together, it was such a relief. It only took about 3 hours! And by the way, Graco may say that they have "quality" pieces of furniture, but I beg to differ. The things I bought from Ikea were easier to assemble, easier to move, and less expensive. So there you go!