Saturday, August 1, 2009

Don't Come A Knockin'

This is a little PSA for anyone that feels the need to come to my door randomly selling anything. I don't care what you're selling. I'm not buying. I have enough to do everyday without having to sit there with my door agape, flies buzzing in, air conditioning escaping, while I try to tell you "no." Why the two letters N and O formed together in a word, explaining my lack of interest isn't enough, I don't know. I have to tell you multiple times. On multiple occasions sometimes! I mean how many times can certain religious groups come by and hear "No I'm not interested?" Maybe they should make a sheet of addresses, and next to the address put "not interested."

At least twice in the last couple of months, said knockers have come to my door and the TV is on, the kids are screaming, and I just ignore it. I see them go to the neighbors house first and I'm forewarned. They make me uncomfortable, and if my kids are screaming it's not really a good time to have a discussion on theology. Is that rude? To not answer my door if I'm too busy? Probably! Even more rude, my kid was yelling "MOMMY LADY AT THE DOOR!!" Repeatedly. But I just ignored it and walked by my windowed door to go change a poopy diaper.

I get a lot of kids coming around to sell things for various organizations. Sometimes I feel it is a worthy cause, and sometimes I don't. I always feel obligated to buy, because it's a child. How many tubs of cookie dough can one person buy? I do not need extra cookie dough sitting around. That's bad news for this lady. Or rolls of wrapping paper? They are tiny rolls and they cost like $7 each! I could buy 2 big rolls at WalMart for that price. I know....I's for a good cause. Maybe. The one that really made me feel bad is the "Jog-a-thon for school supplies." (I pledged okay!) I asked the little girl what kind of school supplies, and she said, "oh you know Kleenex, art supplies, and copier paper." I just kept thinking to myself "how bad is our educational system when kids need to run laps to earn the money for our school to have Kleenex?" Seriously folks, we're having a funding crisis apparently. When I went to school the Kleenex was "free" no running required.

Oh and what about those magazine sales people that are trying to become famous? Is that legit? Cuz back in college I bought a subscription to VIBE from a really hot guy, and I did get my magazines. Two years of a magazine I didn't really identify with much. It just seems kinda shady. Plus, I haven't seen his name in lights yet. Poor dude.

Anyway, the point annoys me when people sell things door to door. So stop it. Or don't, but I'm not answering anymore.


Danette Preston said...

I hate it too! I don't think anyone likes it but it's never going to stop! :(

Leah said...

Just tell people that your kids have Swine Flu. Teach Byron to sneeze and cough on command. lol

Mia said...

I feel the same way. A lot of my neighbors have "No soliciting" signs and I've thought about putting one up...but then I won't get the Girl Scouts...sigh.

BTW- You have (another) award...

(funny, my word verification is "ateshag")