Monday, August 17, 2009

Potty Training SUCKS!

Okay, I'm trying to potty train, but I'm just not good at it. So far all I've managed to train my son to do is pee his pants and put them in a bucket to soak. I mean if you wanna get down to it he is learning when he's wet, and that it's uncomfortable...but not what I was going for. He still isn't asking to go to the potty. On occasion he does ask, but then doesn't go to the bathroom. I've tried taking him ever half an hour, making him clean up his own messes, and bribes. It's not working! But should I just give up and go back?

I thought we had a breakthrough the other day. He asked to sit on the potty and he made a trickle. SO I did the happy dance, and gave him his bribe. Then a few minutes later I left the room for a few minutes to change the baby, and I come back to him "christening" my brand new sit and stand stroller. He was standing on the toddler seat part and just letting go a yellow river! A full bladder pee ladies and gentleman. I made him help me clean it up, but I'm thinking of letting go for a while. Should I keep letting him wear underwear or go back to diapers?


The Smiths said...

how old is your son?
I started a few times potty training my son. He is now 3 1/2 years old and is for the most part potty trained. He is having problems with actually getting the pooping part into the potty. But we are in undies.

If you stay with the undies...keep him in them. Go to the dollar store and get a couple packs...he will go through them all. It took about almost 2 weeks of all the time in undies for my son to get the idea. I also found that letting him pee behind a tree in the backyard was funnier than having to stop playing and go inside. That helped alot....not so good in the long run, but it helped him go.

Good luck

Little Ladybugs said...

I had a lot of issues with my son also. I finally ended up with plastic pants. They were soft on the inside like underwear but had the plastic lining so they did not leak everywhere. After 1 week he was fully trained. He hated wearing them wet. I know this sounds bad but I made him wear them wet for a bit I would not just change them. He pooped once in them once and he hated that feeling. I bribed him with penny's to feed his piggy. I tried everything before the plastic pants. He was a little over three years old. Good luck we all have been here and feel your pain. Stick with it tho I would say NO more diapers but I am very stubborn and once I decide to do something I stick with it till the end.

Mia said...

How old is he?

Honestly, I'm thinking, he's not ready and both of you would be happier if it wasn't pushed. My SIL doesn't even attempt her girls (3 of them) until they're 3. Girls are supposed to be easier than boys...if that says anything.

My oldest isn't, but he has Cerebral Palsy and Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (among other things). My middle is. She's 2.5 but did it on her own at 22 months...I wasn't even going to try until she was 3 either.

My youngest is 18 months. He asks to sit and I oblige. He's tinkled once. BUT, I only do when he asks. I never expect it and I'm not even going to formally "try" until he's around 2.5...another year. AND, he has an older (smart) sister that he's trying to follow. might want to give up for now? He just might not be ready?