Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye Jello Salad..Hello 80s

The demise of the Jello Salad? About a year ago I was at a potluck for my grandparent's 60th Wedding Anniversary. Of course, the green jiggly salad made an appearance, and I thought to myself "it's days are numbered." I mean how many people under the age of 50 do you know that bring Jello salad to a party? I personally don't know anyone. How many people under the age of 30 do you know who LIKE Jello Salad? I'm gonna go with "very few" as my answer. Jello I like. Jello with fruit in it fine. But leave out the cottage cheese. I like cottage cheese, but not with my jello.

Besides, how many people even own Jello Molds anymore? I think by the time my generation is old the Jello Salad will be extinct. Or maybe, all of our teeth will fall out, because of the soda we drink and we'll have to bring it back....old school style. Kinda like how people are bringing back the hideous fashions of the 80s, and acting like it's awesome. Ummm no. It was ugly then, and it's still ugly. Skinny jeans only look good on people who are toothpick size. Puffy sleeves. Don't look good at all. Side ponytails...mistake. I promise one day you will look back and say "oh boy check out that sweet side ponytail." I know, because I have pictures like that from my childhood.


Leah said...

I own lots of puffy sleeved shirts lol

The Mayer's Blog said...

Me too Leah! Did you get the inspiratin for this post from the animal print, skinny leggings they sell at Walmart??? Since I saw you there yesterday!

I have to agree with the whole jello salad thing!

Danette Preston said...

Um...I respectfully disagree! 80's fashion was so RADICAL! Like, totally!!!

Anna said...

I get this all the time. People arguing with me about 80s style. I don't think it's that it looks good, as much as it reminds you of your childhood. ;) But that's just me.

Leah, I've never seen you wear real puffy sleeves. Only pseudo-puffy. ;)