Monday, September 14, 2009

Wait A Minute...

I thought the terrible twos were supposed to be ending, and the "cute as a button threes" would start! Not that my son isn't cute. He can be very charming, and says the most adorable things. For instance, the other day he came into the bathroom, where his sister was crawling around and grabbed hold of her bum and started shaking it back and forth going "shakin' you booty...shakin' you booty." SO freakin' cute!

But he's also entering this phase where he is so bossy. He will come in and say "mom clean up this mess." Or my favorite is when my husband and I are having a loud discussion, he says "calm down (Mommy or Daddy)." Or in his more desperate moments he tells us to "shut up." Great.

The worst is his new found burst of independence. He has to do EVERYTHING by himself or a meltdown of epic proportions ensues. Just try telling him he can't slice his own apple, and he falls to the floor in a hissy fit. The frustrating part of this is that I do allow him to do more things, but of course it takes him longer to make a peanut butter sandwich than it takes me. With 5 times the mess.

But he can be heartbreakingly sweet too. His vocabulary and speech are coming along so nicely. Each day he comes up with new words, but my favorites are always "I love you mommy."


Anonymous said...

What's UP with those bootie songs anyway! My son (and now daughter) both shake their rears and say, "I like your bootie" over and over again, wagging their tailless @sses! WHAT!?!?!? Then their alternative... "I got your bootie" over and over. Sigh.

Anna said...

I don't know. I think it's so cute though. :)