Friday, May 15, 2009


I don't know what it is about having kids that makes you appreciate silence, and small moments to yourself. A haircut is luxurious and relaxing. Doing housework with no toddler following behind you destroying what you've just cleaned is "fun."
I've been feeling really tired and over needed lately. My kids are being high maintenance. My dogs are being high maintenance, and my husband is MORE than high maintenance you'd think he was the King of England. I don't know how to explain to them all that I need some space, and the more they touch me the more I can't stand to be touched. But luckily, today my husband got home from work around Noon and he took our son with him for a couple hours while he does some running around for work. So I'm sitting here writing my blog, and Facebooking in COMPLETE silence while the baby sleeps. She's been so grumpy the last couple of days. I swear she is just exhausted too. Byron is always waking her up from her naps. He does it to be loving, but the poor thing never gets more than a 10 min catnap most days.
She started drooling a lot too so I'm wondering if she is teething early. Just what I need...a cranky baby with a mouthful of teeth early. Every breastfeeding Mother's dream!


ZenMom said...

I know what it is: Sensory Overload! :) Seriously, there are days when I just have to hide in the bathroom for just, like, ten minutes, to regain my equilibrium.