Friday, May 22, 2009

Mini Vacation ReCap

It's sad when you call going somewhere 2 hours away a mini vacation, but my husband works so much that it's hard to go anywhere. I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and he made an appointment for his semi to get detailed at the same time, so we just stayed in Spokane for a couple of days. We stayed at the nicest hotel in town called The Davenport Hotel. It's absolutely gorgeous. We stayed there for our honeymoon a few years ago. May I just say that it was more relaxing the first time. I should have remembered that staying in a hotel with kids isn't relaxing. I just did it a few weeks ago in Iowa. Apparently, I have lost part of my short term memory that remembers painful experiences. Okay, it wasn't THAT bad. It just wasn't as relaxing as I hoped.
We ate some really good food! That's a highlight except for the part where I am supposed to be watching what I eat.
We met some interesting people. By interesting I mean weird and frightening. For instance, we took Byron to the children's museum there called Mobius. We got there less than an hour before closing, but it's not a very big place. So you would think they would offer a discount at that time of day, but they didn't. So anyway, we are paying to get in and the lady asked if we wanted a year membership. We told her we were from out-of-town and so that wouldn't work for us. Just then a strange little man pops around the end of the counter and says "where from?" So we said "Moses Lake."
To which he says "oh, I'm sorry." (are we in 5th grade? who says that?)
The lady taking our money said "oh don't say that John it's rude."
Then he began rambling on and on about how he drove through our town once and how terrible it was and boring and blah blah blah. My husband and I were just looking at him with complete blank stares as he kept digging himself into a hole. While he was talking and I was blank staring I was also thinking to myself "Okay Mr. I Haven't Brushed My Teeth in a Month and I have a Rat Tail....You really aren't convincing me that Spokane is any better."
Our town is kind of boring. I'll admit it it. It's small, but I like it better than Spokane. We have our little town weirdos that you see on a regular basis, but after a while they become normal to you because you "know" them. Like the guy that walks around and lays in the road with his shoes off and placed neatly next to him. Or the guy that walks his dog in a Rascal (one of those motorized wheelchairs) wearing a coonskin cap. Or the old lady that walks around with her hair in a side ponytail, and leaves her teeth at home. But in Spokane, there are those same weirdos times a 100,000. So I don't know what he's bragging about.
Later last night we went swimming in the hotel pool and there was a family with 3 kids and the mom was pregnant again. There isn't anything weird about that, except for the fact that she was gorgeous, skinny as a toothpick and had long, perfectly straight hair. I was thinking to myself "she's pregnant and she skinnier than I am AFTER I had a baby." Not just skinnier than me, though, she was like a size 2. Life isn't fair.
Today before we came home I had to stop at the Department of Licensing to get a permit for my husband. I get this permit every month here at home, but I forgot to get it before we left. My husband needs that before he leaves on Sunday night for work, and of course nothing will be open on Monday. So I go into this local office, and the first lady I see says that she can't process my permit, because I don't have a Heavy Road Tax on file there. So I asked her if she can call the Moses Lake office and have them fax it. Well, she just "doesn't know what to do." So I have to wait until the other lady, who I will affectionately refer to as the HBIC (Head B*tch In Charge) from now on, is done explaining to another customer why she can't do anything to help her. (I don't know what made me think it would be any different when it was my turn.) So then I get up to the HBIC finally, and I explain her her that I need her to call and have them fax the tax document here. So she reluctantly gets up from her throne and gets a book that has all the licensing office numbers in it (why didn't the minion know about this book?) and uses her red and silver 2" long nails to page through. Then she calls the office and they fax it over no problem. I'm a regular there and they know me! Then the lady gets the paper and looks it over and notices that the serial number is different. *sigh* Last year the DOL sent me the renewal notice for the wrong truck, so the tax got paid for the wrong vehicle and it was totally FUBARed. It wasn't my fault though, and the ladies here understand that. The HBIC, however, rules that she will not sell me tonage, even when I explained the situation. A total waste of my time, and I let her know it. If it wouldn't have resulted in the police being called I might have thrown some magazines at her. When I called the office here the ladies couldn't believe that she was being so ridiculous.
The rest of the day after that was uneventful. So this concludes our story! :)


Alice said...

I'm loving your blog! And I must say I kinda miss the guy with the shoes and Moses Lake. It is a great little town!