Sunday, June 14, 2009

Package Problems

Not that you perverts. I know what you were thinking when I said "package problems!" You were hoping for another post about s-e-x! Welp, sorry to disappoint you, but I want to talk about something a little more mundane.
Have you purchased anything in a clam shell (focus...I know it's easy to get sidetracked by dirty thoughts!) or in the children's toy aisle recently? The precautions they take to keep people from stealing things have gotten out of control. Anytime you buy an electronic accessory of some sort you are forced to contend with the molded plastic clam shell monstrosities they are packaged in. Those things are so difficult to get into that someone invented a tool to open them more easily. I don't remember what the tool is called, but I wish I did. I would buy it. It probably comes in a clam shell too. So then what are you supposed to do? You make some strategic cuts and then try to Hulk that thing open like you're tearing phonebooks in half. I've cut myself more than once on one of those bad boys. YIKES! Maybe I should sue someone for the physical pain I endure opening their product. It really takes away from the joy of opening that brand new sparkly cellphone charger when it takes you an hour to wrestle it out of the package.

Then there are the toy packages. Seriously Fisher Price, I think two freakishly, hard to untwist, twisty ties is ample to secure your Little People Airplane in it's packaging. You don't have to put ten of them. I mean if someone is going to sit in the store aisle, and somehow manage to finagle that toy out of the box with a few of those twist ties AND dodge the surveillance cameras; I say they deserve that free toy. That would really be something!! I can barely get those puppies out in the comfort of my own home under the impatient eye of my toddler. After a while, he just gets frustrated and just decides to play with it in the box, because he can't wait! Now that's embarrassing. Your own child gives up hope of you ever getting that toy free from the package!


ZenMom said...

Behold the beauty and brilliance that is Amazon "frustration free" packaging!!!