Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've lost my mojo

A while ago I wrote about how much easier parenting two kids was than I expected. I would like to retract my previous statement and replace it with this. "AHHHHHHHH! HELP ME!" You see, while many of the things I expected to be hard about two kids are not as bad as expected. The thing is my daughter is growing up, and needs more attention. I have a really hard time getting things done, besides holding her.

I'm failing miserably at keeping my house clean! I basically do damage control all the time, and if company is coming I try to get it as clean as possible. It's just not up to my standards, and it's driving me nuts! The dust! You should see the dust piling up! This is not a priority. My priorities are as follows:
1) dishes/kitchen clean
2) clothes
3) garbage picked up
4) main living areas tidy
5)main living areas vacuumed
7) everything else is a bonus

When you type it out it doesn't sound like a lot to do, but then do all those things mixed in with feeding a toddler every 30 min, and a baby every 2 hours (or less right now). Plus, changing 2 sets of diapers! (My kids are being poop machines the last couple of days. It's ridiculous that their little bodies contain that much poo!) And then holding the baby while you do things or wearing her in the sling, which is okay, but not as good as her working on her motor skills alone.

Also, my son recently decided that he doesn't like to go play outside by himself anymore. Darn I knew nothing good could come of me making an effort to play with him more! Those parenting specialists don't know what they are talking about! He used to go out there and play for 30min to an hour with his dump truck and tractors, but now he wants me to go out there with him. I know it's cute, but it's messing with my "to do list."

My mom was telling me that I need to enjoy this time, and those moments where I'm just holding them or playing. I do! But...I also became slightly OCD about having a clean house when I got married. I'm afraid my MIL is going to surprise me with a visit someday (she has never done this, but still) and my house is going to be so messy she keels over. She's the cleanest person I know! How do you live up to that when you have two small children?

YOU CAN'T! If you are able to then you are either 1) on some kind of drug that keeps you up all night 2) from another planet or 3) a freakishly organized person and I think you're also an alien.

Anyway, all this adds up to the fact that I'm tired. T-I-R-E-D! And it's messing with my blogging mojo. I have a hard time getting on the computer at all, and it's impossible to blog from my iPhone! When I do get up here my mind is numb, and I feel like I have nothing funny to say. So hopefully the sporadic posts are keeping you somewhat entertained. It's the best I've got for now!


Anna said...

Testing testing 1...2...3

The Smiths said...

I saw that your fixed your comments.. YAY!! I just love your blog!!!

And I have been having a week like yours. My kids are driving me absolutely crazy. Now, I'm not having to feed one every 2 hours or lesss...but I have almost potty trained my 3 1/2 yr old son, and OMG!!! it was the challenge of all challenges.

I do alot of damage control just to keep the house looking

have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Anna said...

Aww shucks

Anonymous said...

Lol. Girl, I don't know where I would be without McDonald's Large Venilla Ice Coffee with extra extra extra extra extra vanilla/liquid sugar. Lol. No seriously, I'd be a hot mess right now.