Saturday, July 25, 2009

The PR of Parenting

I believe I previously mentioned that I went to school for Public Relations. I do have a deep love for this, but I never got the foot in the door after college. Then the next thing I know I'm married and pregnant. So much for writing media packets, event planning, and fixing disasters (I can't even think of the name of that right now. Oye vey!) CRISIS MANAGEMENT! Duh. Okay, anyway I still yearn to practice PR. The other day I noticed that as a parent you are constantly practicing public relations skills. Most specifically "spinning" things to be appealing to your child.

1) Spinning - My son will avoid trying new foods, because he doesn't know what they are. Even desserts! I have to tell him what it is, or is similar to, in his favorites category. For instance, we were at a festival last night and tried a deep fried Snickers. I asked him if he wanted a bite. He shook his head. "It's like cake," I said. He takes a bite.

2) Promotion - You are the spokesman for your child. All children act out at times or do something unsavory in the presence of other parents. In order to maintain face you must a) accept responsibility for the actions of your child b) do some sort of punishment visable to all around and appropriate (not an easy task) and c) vow that they will never do it again or will try to do better. Just like in being a spokesperson for a company. You can promise things all you want, but you don't have any real control. That's why they need a PR person in the first place.

3) Party Planning - Children's birthday parties. Need I say more? Everything has to have a theme, and be original.

4) Crisis Management - Being a parent you deal with crises on a regular basis. It can be anything from a real emergency that requires medical attention to lost lovies. I was making breakfast once when my son was just over a year old. We have cabinet locks on our doors, but since I was cooking bacon I'd left it open for a min so I could easily throw away the package. I put the bacon in the pan and turned around to see my son sitting there with a Cascade Power Pack ripped open. Just as I looked he swiped some of the detergent off the floor and into his mouth. He spit most of it out, but I was freaked! So I grabbed the box, and read the emergency advice. It said give them milk if it is ingested. So I gave him some milk, and then I called Poison Control. They said that he should be fine, since it was just a bit and I had done the right thing by giving him the milk. By keeping a level head, I had avoided making a mistake into a crisis. I could have freaked out and went off screaming for someone to call an ambulance, but I just read the label.

5) Media Relations - Sending out regular emails full of pictures to family and friends.


ZenMom said...

LOL. Good analogy. ;)

Little Ladybugs said...

You always make me laugh those just cracked me up. Btw stop by my blog and pick up your lovely blog award!! Have a great Friday