Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free Birth Control

We're going on a personal level here, so if you don't like to hear the word sex you might want to stop reading now.
I just had an IUD put in last week, which I really hope works out for me because I cannot take those hormonal birth controls any more. They make me into a crazed psycho who wants to eat everything salty or sweet in my house. Not good for my diet or my marriage. So I'm crossing my fingers it works out!

Anywho, this post is really about FREE birth control. Your other kids! I mean seriously, since we had the new baby it is really hard to find time to have sex. It pretty much has to be late at night after Byron is asleep and Lillie is napping. The problem with that is that I'm more of an afternoon delight type of person, and don't have much energy at night. On occasion I do, but not usually. So I have to try to force myself to give it a try, and I'm not usually disappointed. Unless the baby starts crying mid-action. Nothing kills the mood faster than those tiny wails.

How do people with 4+ children EVER get pregnant again? Seriously! You'd think that between all the stuff you have to do to take care of them, keeping the house clean (we all know this is easier after they are asleep), and you trying to sleep yourself there would be zero time left for sweet lovin'.

That's why I call my kids free birth control, but I guess they aren't really free since I have to feed, clothe and diaper them. You can also put money on the fact that I'm not using that as my preferred prevention method. NO CHANCES TAKEN HERE!


The Mayer's Blog said...

I think you'll love the IUD. One of my best friends have used it for years and it worked out great for her:)

ZenMom said...

Two words baby: Tubes Tied.

Freedom! :)

But, yeah, it can definitely take a lot of work to find the time and energy for alonr time when the kids take up so much of it.

It does get a little easier as they get older, though. Hang in there! :)